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discord dice roller for forbidden lands
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Fobbot, the Forbidden Lands Dice Bot


  • Dice in the same colors as the official dice
  • English and Swedish support
  • Regular D6s for when you need to roll a D66 or similar (or add -an to your command for actual numbers rolled)
  • Push your roll by clicking a reaction "button" (within 10 minutes)
  • Dwarves can push up to 10 times (the player rolling needs a Discord role called dwarf or dvärg)
  • Resource dice
  • Negative bonus dice

Add Fobbot to your own server


Connect to the makedatanotlore Discord server if you need to get in touch.

How to Roll

To roll dice, enter the number of dice followed by the type. Click 🔄 to push. Use >help to

Example Usage

>roll 5ba 2sk 2gr d8

Remember to smash that space button.

Regular Dice Types

  • Base Attribute Die - ba
  • Skill Die - sk
  • Gear/Weapon Die - gr/wp
  • Artifact Die D8 - d8
  • Artifact Die D10 - d10
  • Artifact Die D12 - d12

Resource Dice

For when you need to use a resource such as food, water, or arrows.

  • Resource Die D6 - resd6
  • Resource Die D8 - resd8
  • Resource Die D10 - resd10
  • Resource Die D12 - resd12

Negative Dice

For when you have a negative bonus modifier.

  • Negative D6 - nt/nv

Numbered Dice

For when you need an actual number on the die. You can also add -an to any command to see the actual numbers rolled.

  • Regular D6 - d6


When you need to add a note or comment to your roll, use "". >roll 2resd8 "Food/Water"

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