Traps keyboard focus cycle within element's interactive children.
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ATTENTION: A non-jQuery version is now available at makeup-keyboard-trap.

Establishes a keyboard tab-loop using the interactive descendants of given container element. Or, in other words, it traps keyboard focus inside the given container element.

$.trapKeyboard(containerEl, options);

For best results, app developer should ensure a descendant of the container element already has keyboard focus before activating this plugin.


npm install jquery-keyboard-trap


HTML structure for a typical dialog, in visible state, with close, cancel & okay focusable elements:

<div role="dialog" class="dialog" aria-labelledby="dialog-0-title" aria-hidden="false">
    <div role="document">
            <h2 id="dialog-0-title">Notifications</h2>
            <button aria-label="Close Dialog" id="dialog_close" type="button"></button>
            <!-- dialog body content would go here -->            
            <button type="button">Cancel</button><button type="button">Ok</button>

Focus on an element then execute plugin:


The plugin has now created a tab loop using all focusable elements inside the dialog; keyboard focus is now trapped inside the dialog.


  • keyboardTrap - keyboard has been trapped
  • keyboardUntrap - keyboard has been untrapped





Keyboard-trap is a singleton as there can only ever be one active keyboard-trap on a page. Creating a new keyboard-trap will disable the current trap.


Run npm start for test driven development. All tests are located in test.js.

Execute npm run to view all available CLI scripts:

  • npm start test driven development: watches code and re-tests after any change
  • npm test runs tests & generates reports (see reports section below)
  • npm run lint lints code for syntax and style using eslint
  • npm run fixstyle attempts to auto fix style errors using eslint
  • npm run minify builds minified version of code
  • npm run jsdoc generates jsdocs
  • npm run build minifies code and generates jsdocs
  • npm run clean deletes all generated files

The following hooks exist, and do not need to be invoked manually:

  • npm prepublish cleans, lints, tests and builds on every npm publish command
  • pre-commit cleans, lints, tests and builds on every git commit command

Test Reports

Each test run will generate the following reports:

  • /test_reports/coverage contains Istanbul code coverage report
  • /test_reports/html contains HTML test report
  • /test_reports/junit contains JUnit test report


JSDocs are generated under ./jsdoc folder.

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