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Syntax sugar that makes JSON decoding more elegant.


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This is a Swift library that provides a Parseable protocol for simplifying JSON encoding and decoding of your model objects.

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What is Parseable?

  • A protocol that defines a common interface for JSON parsing and encoding.
  • Allows your models to be easily converted to and from JSON data.

Benefits of using Parseable:

  • Cleaner code: Reduces boilerplate code for JSON parsing and encoding.
  • Consistent API: Provides a consistent way to work with JSON data across your models.
  • Improved maintainability: Easier to maintain code as the JSON format evolves.

How to use Parseable:

  1. Conform your models to the Parseable protocol:

    • Define an associatedtype named ParseableType that inherits from Codable.
    • Implement the static methods decodeFromData and encode as required by the protocol.
  2. Use the provided methods for JSON conversion:

    • Call decodeFromData(data:withDateDecodingStrategy:) to parse JSON data into your model object.
    • Call encode(fromEncodable:withDateDecodingStrategy:) to convert your model object to JSON data.

Optional DLog function:

The provided code includes a private static function DLog for debug logging. This function is intended to be used for debugging purposes and is only enabled in debug builds. You can customize or remove this function based on your needs.

Example Usage:

#import Parsable

// Define a model conforming to Codable
struct SampleErrorModel: Codable {
    var error: String
    var code: Int

// Parseable protocol conformance. That's it.
extension SampleErrorModel: Parseable {
    typealias ParseableType = Self

let sampleModel = SampleErrorModel(error: "error message text", code: 404)

// Example of decoding JSON data
let jsonData = // Your JSON data here

if let error = SampleErrorModel.decodeFromData(data: jsonData) {
  print("Error code: \(error.code)")
} else {
  print("Error decoding user data")

// Example of encoding a model object
if let encodedData = SampleErrorModel.encode(fromEncodable: sampleModel) {
  // Use the encoded data...
} else {
  print("Error encoding user data")

This is a basic example. You can customize the implementation of decodeFromData and encode methods in your models to handle specific data structures and logic.


Swift Package Manager

Add to the dependencies value of your Package.swift.

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "1.0.0"),

Here's some documentation.


Syntax sugar that makes JSON decoding more elegant.







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