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Sep 13, 2014
Backing out r640 as it was not correct
Mar 22, 2013
preparing for upcoming release
Jun 8, 2012
changing release management to make fuck-up's less likely
Apr 13, 2012
fixed nasty bug in mzd_t_malloc/free
Dec 3, 2011
changed library release to 20111203
Oct 3, 2011
changing version number for upcoming release
Aug 29, 2011
changing version to 20110901 for upcoming release
Jul 11, 2011
Added tag release-20110613 for changeset 68c0b623b59a
Jun 8, 2011
fix compilation and segfaults when OpenMP is enabled
large parts of this patch are based on patches provided by Jerry James
May 30, 2011
print cycles per bit in bench elimination and multiplication
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