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A curses Google Play Music client

'thunner' - thunder (Doric Scots)



Chmod thunner and add to your path. Make sure you have a ~/.thunnerrc file; see below for configuration.


  • Arrow keys : menu navigation
  • enter : play (plays whatever is under the cursor, be that a song/album/artist or higher level menu item, but also queues the rest of the items in the current menu playing down the list and looping round to the top)
  • ] : play (plays only the item under the cursor, be that a song/album/artist or higher level menu item.
  • . : next
  • , : previous
  • spacebar : pause
  • q : quit


Configuration of thunner is via ~/.thunnerrc. An example file is as follows:

      email <your e-mail address here>
      pass <your password here>
      color mycolor blue default
      assign mycolor header-text

email and pass are required (yes, plaintext password is not exactly secure). Spaces are allowed in pass. Any number of color and assign lines are allowed.

color takes three arguements: a name (which the user chooses), a foreground colour and a background colour. Foreground and background colours can be of the following values:

  • default
  • black
  • red
  • green
  • yellow
  • blue
  • magenta
  • cyan
  • white

default picks up the foreground/background colours of the terminal. I believe black to white are colours 0-7 as per your X resources (e.g. *color0: #575757).

assign takes two arguements a named colour pair (as defined via color) and a destination. The following destinations are defined:

  • thunner - the colour of "thunner" (top left)
  • header-text - colour of text in the header (location in menu tree)
  • header-sep - colour of separators between header text
  • header-border - colour of border below header
  • footer-border - colour of border above footer
  • footer-sep - colour of separators between footer text
  • status - colour of status (playing/paused/stopped)
  • current-artist - colour of currently playing artist in footer
  • current-song - colour of currently playing song in footer
  • current-item - colour of highlighted row in menu
  • text - other rows in menu

Where the above are not defined in ~/.thunnerrc they default to default which in turn is defined as:

  color default default default

For consitency's sake I've spelt "colour" as "color" in the code.

thunner also checks for ~/.thunnerlogo on start-up and will show the contents of said file whilst connecting.

To Do

  • Add a random mode
  • Add the ability to define new playlists
  • Fix compilations under "Artists"
  • Check compatibility with other OSes
  • Add more customisations
  • Add RGB definition to configuration file for terminals that support init_color
  • Add support for pass
  • Hide lag from API calls

Known Issues

  • Compilations aren't currently handled well; Going to "Albums" will show n copies of an compilation album where n is the number of different artists on the album.
  • API calls can be slow causing lag between input and playback. Avoid switching songs too quickly (with 'next', 'previous', etc.)


A curses Google Play Music client




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