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libmsvg is a work in progress for making a minimal and generic library to read and write SVG files.
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Welcome to libmsvg version 0.02

libmsvg is a work in progress to make a minimal and generic library to read
and write SVG files.

SVG stand for Scalable Vector Graphics and is a standard defined by the World
Wide Web Consortium. See

To be useful, libmsvg concentrates in a small subset of the SVG Tiny 1.2

Supported platforms

libmsvg is programmed in ANSI-C, so it must compile in every plattform, you
only have to build the makefiles. We provide the makefiles for these three
supported platforms:

  Linux using the gcc compiler and gmake
  DOS using the DJGPP compiler and gmake
  Win32 using the Mingw compiler and gmake


libmsvg only depends of libexpat 1.2 (,
but we include our own copy of the expat library, so there are no depndencies
at all.

libmsvg installation instructions


  The source files:  libmsvg0002.tar.gz or
  This document:     readme

A. Unpacking the libmsvg archive

  1) Choose and download the .tar.gz or .zip package. You can use either.
     Usually Linux users choose the .tar.gz and DJGPP/Mingw users choose
     the .zip.

  2) 'cd' to a directory where you want the libmsvg file tree to be created
     as a subdirectory. Examples are:

       DJGPP : cd C:\DJGPP\contrib
       Mingw : cd C:\MINGW\contrib
       Linux : cd /usr/local/src

  3) unpack the libmsvg archive:

         tar xzvf libmsvg0001.tar.gz

     This will create the subdirectory 'libmsvg'.

B. Compiling libmsvg

  1) Go to libmsvg base dir.

  2) Edit the "makedefs" file and set to 'y' only one of this variables:


     By default the LINUX_VERSION is checked

  3) Run 'make' ('mingw32-make' for Mingw users)

     Note for DJGPP/Mingw users: Do _not_ use an environment variable
     `SHELL' leading to `bash', e.g. `SHELL=/djgpp/bin/bash.exe'.
     Some parts of the DJGPP/Mingw Makefiles require `'.

C. Testing libmsvg

  1) Go to the 'test' subdir.

  2) run the test programs.

D. Installing libmsvg

  Copy the library 'libmsvg.a' from 'src' subdir to the system library

  Copy the header file 'msvg.h' from 'src' subdir to your system
  include directory.

  Or you can let makefiles do it for you, running 'make install'.

  You can uninstall the library running 'make uninstall'.

  Note for Linux users: probably you must be root to do that.


  Read the programmer's guide in the 'doc' subdir.

  Check the libmsvg site ( for updates, tips, ... 

  Send me a mail <malfer at>


  libmsvg is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under
  the LGPL license. See the 'copying.txt' file for details.

Enjoy, Mariano Alvarez <malfer at>

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