Simple starter project for incorporating cucumber (2.3.1) with protractor
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Simple starter project for incorporating cucumber with protractor. This project also has an example of using page objects with your tests.

New Tutorial In The Works

This project has recently been updated to use Cucumber.js version 2.3.1. A new tutorial is being written and will incorporate how to structure step definitions under the newest version of Cucumber.js. The project is available to clone now using the steps provided below.

Getting Started

Clone the project and run npm install. Run webdriver-manager update to make sure you have the latest version of chromedriver installed. Then start up the server with webdriver-manager start. Finally, open up a new terminal window and run protractor cucumber.conf.js to execute the test.

Tutorials (Cucumber 1.3)

Reading materials for the project can be found here:

Note these tutorials were written against Cucumber 1.3