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Logasurous (loga command) is a command line utility that queries elasticsearch in realtime, so you can tail logs just like you used to.

Build & Configure & Run

make build

Will result in a binary in the form loga_$VERSION-$REVISION being created in this directory. If you checkout a tag, the appendage will be only the tagged version.

If you're on OSx I recommend placing the build binary in /usr/local/bin or somewhere else in your $PATH.

Upon building, you can run loga for version information:

./loga_$VERSION -version

Execute Once to Build loga.yaml Locally


Creates the default loga.yaml in the current directory:

  example: foo AND bar
sync_interval: 5
sync_depth: 10
elasticsearch_url: localhost
elasticsearch_port: "9200"
elasticsearch_index: ""
highlight_query: true
start_time: 0
count: 500
log_verbose: false

Update this file, replacing at minimum the default defined query (or you can override this on the CLI with a one-time query using -d), and the elasticsearch URL.

Once done, execute your first lookup (example with defined query in config):

./loga_$VERSION -s example

or do a one-time query on the CLI:

 ./loga_$VERSION -d foo AND bar

Path to loga.yaml

You can override the config location is -c - don't use ~ or other shell expansion, provide the fully qualified path if you use this option.


Defined query on the CLI:

loga -d "some_query AND another_query"

Will return matched messages from the last 10 minutes (see -sd override below) and resync backwards 5 seconds every 5 seconds (see -si override below).

Defined service in loga.yaml:

loga -s my_service_name

Will return the query lookup from 'my_service_name' which should be in the 'define' section of the loga.yaml.

loga will present the results from the search as a stream to stdin. Since the query is over standard http sockets, it'll return the query every 1s by default.



loga -- query ES logs on the CL


loga [-d | --define string] [-i | --intervel time-in-seconds] [-v | --verbose] [-e | --elasticsearch-uri string-uri] [-p | --port elasticsearch-port] [-in | --es-index elasticsearch-index] [-c | --configuration path-to-config]


The logasaurous (loga command) utility queries elasticsearch for logs based on a valid elasticsearch query. All requests are made to elasticsearch's REST endpoint over HTTP (HTTPS will be an option down the road).

Logasaurous maintains a YAML configuration file where you can pre-set service definitions. You can leverage a one-time temporary service definition by using the define directive on the CLI.

Many configurations in the config file can be overridden on the CLI as well.

-c | Config

Override the default configuration path. Default is ~/.loga.yaml on osx and /etc/loga.yaml on *nix distros. Ex: loga -c /fully/qualified/path/loga.yaml

-co | Count

Override the default count of queries to return. Default is 500. Ex: loga -d "some_query" -co 10 # Returns 10 queries from most recent.

-d | Define

A temporary service definition. Must be a valid elasticsearch query. Can not be used with -s. Ex: loga -d "some_value AND "a-long-string""

-e | Elasticsearch URL

Override for elasticsearch_uri in config file. Default is localhost. Ex: loga -d "some_query" -e

-h | Enable Host Output

Outputs the hostname for the log message before the message in cyan Ex: loga -d "some_query" -h

-hl | Highlight Query

Highlights the string in the message that contains a match to your query. Outputs in yellow. Ex: logo -d "some_query" -hl

-s | Service Abstraction

A defined service in the loga.yaml. Can not be used with -d. Ex: loga -s my_defined_service_in_loga.yaml

-si | Sync Interval

Time in seconds between elasticsearch queries. Default is 5s. Ex: loga -d "some_query" -si 10

-sd | Sync Depth

Time in minutes to sync backwards - only affects first sync. Start time is always time.Meow() but this might change. Ex: loga -d "some_query" -sd 120

-st | Start Time

Time in past in minutes to start the search. Ex: loga -d "some_query" -st 20 # Starts the search 20 minutes in the past to the sync depth, so a window 30-20 minutes ago if used with defualt sync depth of 10 minutes. It will update itself every 5 seconds by default.

-p | Port

Override for elasticsearch_port in config file. Default is 9300.
Ex: loga -d "some_query" -p 4500

-v | Verbose

Verbose output. Ex: Figure it out.


Test Me

make test

Tested On

  • Elasticsearch: 1.4.4 - 2.3.2
  • Logstash: 1.5 - 2.3.2