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My various configuration files for bash, git, etc
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This repository contains most of my "movable" setup. Mostly these are configurations for bash shell, git version control, and Vim text editor.


Clone the repository:

$ git clone
$ cd dotfiles

DANGER This will overwrite your current dot files!

Run puppet as root or with sudo to install dotfiles to your root user, and make sure that all the necessary packages are available on the system:

$ sudo puppet apply --modulepath=modules/ manifests/site.pp

Run as a regular user to install everything for current user:

$ puppet apply --modulepath=modules/ manifests/site.pp


Here is a brief overview of some of the features hidden deep in these dotfiles.

Bash shell

  1. Colorful prompt, featuring current time, username, hostname, working directory, as wel as Git information. When working whitin in git repository, the prompt will show the name of the current git branch, as well as a little "M" flag, if the working directory is dirty (if it was modified). The prompt will also change background color from blue to red, when working as root user, provided you have installed dotfiles for both your normal user and root.
  2. Support for 256 color terminals.
  3. System information on shell start, including hostname, distribution name and version, IP address, load average, number of current processes, available and total disk space, and simplified uptime.
  4. For root user, an automatically initialized local git repository in /etc folder, with automatic commits of all changes upon logout.
  5. Colors for man pages.

Git version control

  1. Color support in console git client.
  2. Several handy git aliases to make frequent operations faster ("st" instead of "status", "co" instead of "checkout", etc).
  3. Several handy git aliases to make long lists of parameters much shorter ("lol", "changelog", etc).

Vim text editor

  1. Modular configuration of plugins with Pathogen plugin and git submodules.
  2. Collection of plugins for web developers (PHP Indent, NERDTree, Syntastic, Tagbar, Gist, etc).
  3. Support for 256 colors in console.


  1. Easier installer, which can also be used to update the setup and all the symlinks.
  2. MySQL prompt that includes current user, host, and selected database.


If you need to get in touch, send me an email to . Alternatively, you can send in comments and pull requests for the project on GitHub at .

Patches welcome! ;)

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