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dnf-daemon is a 2 DBus services there make part for dnf's API available for application via DBus calls.

There is a DBus session bus service runnning as current user for performing readonly actions.

There is a DBus system bus service runnning as root for performing actions there is making changes to the system

This make it easy to do packaging action from your application no matter what language it is written in, as long as there is DBus binding for it.

dnf-daemon uses PolicyKit for authentication for the system service, so when you call one of the commands (as normal users) you will get a
PolicyKit dialog to ask for password of a priviledged user like root.

dnf-daemon is still under heavy development and the API is not stable or complete yet

Source overview

dnfdaemon/      Contains the daemon python source
client/         Contains the client API bindings for python 2.x & 3.x
test/           Unit test for the daemon and python bindings
dbus/           DBus system service setup files
policykit1/     PolicyKit authentication setup files

How to install services and python bindings:

Run the following

	git clone ...
	cd dnf-daemon
	make test-inst

How to test:

just run:

make test-verbose

to run the unit test with output to console

or this to just run the unit tests.

make test

To make the daemons shutdown


make exit-session


make exit-system


make exit-both

to run the daemons in debug mode from checkout:

session (readonly as current user)

make run-session

system (as root)

make run-system

API Definitions:

The dnfdaemon api is documented here

The API is under development, so it might change, when we hit version 1.0, API methods will be frozen and API method names, parameters and return types will not change in future releases, new API can be added, but the old ones stays as is

API Addition Checklist:

  • Add the new API methods to and optional
  • Add client api method in DnfDaemonBase if it is available in both daemon or in DnfDaemonClient is it is a system only api.
  • Add unit tests for the api in test/ and optional to test/ if it exists in the session api
  • Update docs/server.rst and docs/client-python.api ( add new api method to members )
  • All unit tests must pass (make test) before pushing to github