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A Kanso package to quickly start using showdown.
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Kanso Showdown

This package allows you to quickly start using Showdown in your Kanso project.


Add to your project's kanso.json dependencies setting, here is the minimal case:

"dependencies": {
    "modules": null,
    "showdown": null

Run kanso install to fetch and install your package.


Require the module in your code and call makeHtml.

var showdown = require('showdown'),
    sd = new showdown.converter(),
    data = 'Markdown *helps* a lot.';


Do a kanso push to build and deploy to your CouchDB:

kanso push http://localhost:5984/example


A good place to start is the showdown readme bundled in the package as showdown/


CommonJS Patch

Note the showdown.js library was modified slightly to be commonjs compatible.

< if (typeof module.exports != 'undefined') module.exports = Showdown;
> if (typeof exports != 'undefined') exports.Showdown = Showdown;
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