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Windows wallet - bootstrap (08/Aug/19)

  • Bootstrap block 587.188 for SagaCoin Windows wallet.
  • Always - Backup your wallet.dat first.
  • Close the SagaCoin wallet
  • Download Saga_snapshot_Windows_wallet into your %appdata%/SagaCoin or "C:\Users\YOURuserNAME\AppData\Roaming\SagaCoin" folder and unzip/unpack it (if prompt overwrite files). MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE FRESH BACKUP and "wallet.dat" saved at different location, and do not overwrite entire SagaCoin folder, just the prompt contents"
  • Start the wallet and verify that your wallet is fully syncronized.


  • If you using different location for SagaCoin then unpack this inside of it.

Linux - Masternode bootstrap (08/Aug/19)

  • Bootstrap block 587.188 for SagaCoin Linux hot masternode.
  • Run following command lines:


  • Synchronization time may vary of your VPS hardware and network performance.
  • is build to update your wallet at default /root/.SagaCoin/ folder, so if you using different folder please feel free to modify it.
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