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Manifold Terraform Provider

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Terraform Manifold

Manifold gives you a single account to purchase and manage cloud services from multiple providers, giving you managed logging, email, MySQL, Postgres, Memcache, Redis, and more. Manifold also lets you register configurations for your services external to Manifold's marketplace, giving you a single location to organize and manage the credentials for your environments.

This is a Terraform Provider to help you read the data of your provisioned resources on the platform.


To use the Manifold Provider, you'll need an API Key. You can either provide this in the provider configuration with the api_token field, or use an ENV, MANIFOLD_API_TOKEN.

If you want to specify the team you want to use, you can do this by either setting the field team, or by using the ENV MANIFOLD_TEAM.

Getting an API Token

To retrieve an API token, use our CLI tool and run the following:

$ manifold tokens create


Bare zip archives per release version are available on

Terraform currently doesn't allow custom providers to be fetched automatically, so to use this plugin, you'll have to put the compiled binary in your terraform plugin folder, which is located at $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins/.


We've included a set of examples to get you started and to understand what you can do with our provider.


The Manifold setup for our examples is as follows:

  • Project: manifold-terraform
    • Resource: custom-resource1
      • Credential: TOKEN_ID
      • Credential: TOKEN_SECRET
    • Resource: custom-resource2
      • Credential: USERNAME
      • Credential: PASSWORD