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waylew-lexis commented Sep 9, 2021

Not sure if this is a feature request or a bug, but when using this resource against a windows vm that is using a secured custom version of the mssql server image, the resource will time out on the apply. The custom image we are using does work on the vm without using this resource, which makes me believe this an issue with the resource and not the image.

mykelalvis commented Sep 7, 2021

This issue regards an organization whose default branch for new repos is changed from GH's default of main to master

This appears to be due to a change (#562) where main is queried rather than checking the org's defaults to see which ref is actually created.

Terraform Version

1.0.5 (also happens with 1.0.6)

Affected Resource(s)

  • github_branch
  • github_repository (w
dhdersch commented Sep 17, 2020

When using the vault_auth_backend provider, if you give it a path that begins with a /, it fails during apply with an inconsistent result. However, it does not fail during plan.

Terraform Version


Affected Resource(s)

Please list the resources as a list, for example:

  • vault_auth_backend

Terraform Configuration Files

resource "vault_auth_backend" "k
mick1627 commented Jul 20, 2021

Terraform Version


Affected Resource(s)


Expected Behavior

Be able to set the default branch protection at group level as describe here

Actual Behavior

not possible actually
By default, default branch has branch protection, and then it not possible to use g

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