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An email hook for github to email committers when pull requests have been accepted
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GitHub Email Hooks

This is a simple Google AppEngine webapp written in Python that can be used as a post-receive web hook on GitHub.

The script simply emails the author(s) of a push who are not also the pusher, informing them that the push has taken place. This allows contributors to be automatically notified when their contributions have been accepted by an upstream project.


  1. Clone this project.
  2. Edit and edit the values of ALLOWED_REPOS and EMAIL_FROM.
  3. Edit app.yaml and edit the value of application.
  4. Deploy to Google AppEngine for Python
  5. Configure your GitHub repository to call your AppEngine app (Browse to your repo and select Admin -> Service Hooks -> Post-Receive URLs)

That's it!


  • Create a formal set of TODOs!
  • Extract email contents into customisable templates
  • HTML + plaintext emails
  • Extract email subject to config file
  • Queue emails in a task queue and batch-deliver to ensure http request doesn't time out


These scripts are open source and released under the BSD License. See the accompanying LICENSE.txt file for details.

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