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Easily automate backups using Borg + RClone
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Borg + RClone Autobackup

Easily automate backups using Borg + RClone.

Usage Examples

Docker Run

docker run \
    -v /home/mannkind:/data:ro \
    -e BACKUP_NAME="frodo" \
    -e BACKUP_LOCATION="b2:AllMyBorgBackups/frodo" \
    -e BACKUP_SCHEDULE="0 2 * * *" \
    -e BACKUP_ENCRYPTION_KEY="One ring to rule them all oh you know the rest" \
    -e BACKUP_PRUNE="--keep-daily=7 --keep-weekly=4" \
    -e BACKUP_NOW="true" \
    -e B2_ID="kiacup6326is" \
    -e B2_KEY="12xd5t3891tqh1qqw1qq3kmhl9hbd9lfugz2j32d" \
    --restart unless-stopped \

Docker Compose

version: 3
        image: mannkind/borg-rclone-autobackup
        restart: unless-stopped
            - "/home/mannkind:/data:ro"
            BACKUP_NAME: "frodo"
            BACKUP_LOCATION: "b2:AllMyBorgBackups/frodo"
            BACKUP_SCHEDULE: "0 2 * * *"
            BACKUP_ENCRYPTION_KEY: "One ring to rule them all one ring to find them one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"
            BACKUP_PRUNE: "--keep-daily=7 --keep-weekly=4"
            BACKUP_NOW: "true"
            B2_ID: "kiacup6326is"


The following volumes can be used

  • /data - The data to backup
  • /backups - The location of the backups; backup in the container by default

Environment Variables

The following environment variables setup Borg

  • BACKUP_NAME: The backup name
  • BACKUP_ENCRYPTION_KEY: The backup encryption key
  • BACKUP_SCHEDULE: Cron scheduled string
  • BACKUP_LOCATION: The backup location e.g. b2:my-backup/some-host
  • BACKUP_PRUNE: The backup prune string e.g. --keep-daily=7 --keep-weekly=4
  • BACKUP_NOW: Runs the backup immediately, instead of waiting for the scheduled time

The following environment variables setup B2 as the RClone target

  • B2_ID: The backblaze id
  • B2_KEY: The backblaze key

The following environment variables set up Google Cloud Storage as the RClone target:

  • GCS_PROJECT_NUMBER: The project number for your Google Cloud project.

Mount a Google Cloud service account private key, in json format, to /google-service-account.json and for the backup location, use format gcs:<bucketname>/<path>.

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