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Scrum Board plugin for MantisBT

Copyright (c) 2011 - 2012 John Reese -
Copyright (c) 2012 - 2014 MantisBT Team -

Released under the MIT license

See the Changelog.


Adds a Scrum board based on Status, Category, and Target Version to MantisBT.


The plugin requires MantisBT version 1.2.6 or higher.

If the Source Integration plugin (version 0.16 or higher) is installed, the cards will display the number of changesets attached to each issue.


  1. Download or clone a copy of the plugin's code.
  2. Copy the plugin (the Scrum/ directory) into your Mantis installation's plugins/ directory.
  3. While logged into your Mantis installation as an administrator, go to Manage -> Manage Plugins.
  4. In the Available Plugins list, you'll find the Scrum plugin; click the Install link.


A new Scrum Board item is added to MantisBT's Main menu.

It will display issues for the currently selected Project as Scrum Cards, which can be filtered by Target Version and Category, with the cards distributed in columns based on their Status.


To change the Scrum Board's layout, go to the configuration page, where you can define:

  • Board Columns: specifies which Status goes into which column;
    • Name is a language-independent code for the Board Column (refer to the language files for the actual display value)
    • Status is a comma-delimited list of Statuses from the Status Enumeration (status_enum_string) to include in the Column
  • Board Severity Colors and Board Resolution Colors respectively define which color to use for display of each severity and resolution code. It is a comma-delimited list of elements with the form Code:Color, the code being the key from the corresponding Enumeration (Severity and Resolution).
  • Sprint Length specifies the duration of a sprint (in days)
  • Always show Status when checked, the Status name will be displayed in the Scrum Board's columns even if there are no cards with this Status (unchecked by default).
  • Token Expiry determines how long the plugin will remember the filter criteria on the Scrum Board.


Problems or questions dealing with use and installation should be directed to the #mantisbt IRC channel on Freenode.

The latest source code can found on Github.

We encourage you to submit Bug reports and enhancements requests on the Github issues tracker. If you would like to propose a patch, do not hesitate to submit a new Pull Request.