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Rearrange windows on traybar icon click after docking the laptop
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Manuel CANO (contractor)
Manuel CANO (contractor) Binary with automatization.
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Rearrange windows when you re-dock your laptop

I'm tired of always rearranging windows when I leave my desk to go to a meeting with my laptop. I always have to go one application to the following restoring their previous positions and sizes.

This is quite annoying.

To sove this problem, I've developed a small tool to load window positions and sizes, write a configuration file and be able to restore the application windows to their previous sizes and positions.

It is a tool so don't expect to be a production class application. (Comments and requess for improvement are welcome, however.)

Not compiling

Use the zip in "bin" directory. There are Cygwin64 DLLs and the executable app.

Compilation (MS Visual Studio)

There are errors actually in the VS compilation because of some template machinery. Also because "using" statement.

I have the "comunity" VS version, so I don't really know if this an issue with the code (although it compiles cleanly on Cygwin GCC) or a version problem (being too old to allow those constructions.) In any case, I don't have time to fix this unless there is a real interest: if you want to compile from Windows, file an issue (or better, as for a pull request!)

Go to the msvs folder, double click on the solution file (sln) and compile whatever you want: Debug, Release.

Of course, for this version you don't need cygwin64 dlls, but you may need MS c++ distributables, I don't know. (If so, file an issue on Github.)

Compilation (Cygwin64)

This is a Windows application, so it needs a Windows compiler. I prefer not to pay for development tools, and I'm a Linux guy, so I use Mingw64 to compile. That's out of this readme scope, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, just fill an issue asking for a binary.

Then, the compilation.


$ configure
$ make

The standar automake procedure.

In the scripts directory there is a reg file to add an entry to the registry to run the application at Windows startup. It's not tested, and it contains my user name, so you have to change that:


Where it says "mcano" you have to write your Windows user name.

Use instructions.

There will be an icon in your traybar showing a gear with a green arrow. Just right click on the icon and a menu will appear:

Get windows
Save config.
Read config

Get windows: will get you current windows positions and sizes.

Save config: will save those windows positions and sizes to a JSON file.

Read config: will read that file.

Exit: will exit from the app.

At first run, you have to Get windows and Save config., from now on, you may Read config and, left clicking on the icon, the app will restore windows.

You have to Get windows and Save config everytime you want to take in account a new application.

Thsnk you for your time.


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