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Control libeio from JavaScript
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lib bump version to 0.1.0, add test and point main at new lib directory
src bump to v0.2.1 with node v0.6.x support
test bump to v0.2.1 with node v0.6.x support
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Makefile bump to v0.2.0 add more readme information
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package.json bump to v0.2.2 with package.json fixes


Control libeio from JavaScript


  • libeio.setMinParallel(threads): Sets the available number of threads. node's default is 4. Use this function for increasing the number of threads.
  • libeio.setMaxParallel(threads): Sets the maximum number of threads. This does only cap the number of threads and expires existing threads that are bigger than the maximum.
  • libeio.usage(): Returns an object with thread usage information.


Based on polotek's thread branch.

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