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Mapbox CocoaPods Public Specs
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Mapbox CocoaPods Specs

This repository is for CocoaPods podspecs that are intended for public distribution, but may not necessarily be suitable or ready for CocoaPods trunk.

Using this repo in an Xcode project

  1. Add this pod spec repo as a source in your Podfile:
    source ''
    source ''
    (Also add the main CocoaPods trunk repo to keep being able to install other pods.)
  2. In your Podfile, bump the pod you want to use to a version that exists in this repo.
  3. pod install --repo-update

Pushing to this repo

  1. pod repo add mapbox-public (first time only)
  2. Make sure your podspec file has the name and version you expect. If you're mirroring a publicly available podspec (i.e., one on CocoaPods trunk) and you intend to push an alternate build, use a unique version string (e.g., 5.2.0-custom.1).
  3. pod repo push mapbox-public <framework-name-here>.podspec
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