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Example maps

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Please feel free to add here your own maps! Show off the greatness of both your own building skills, and Mapcrafter!

Please let everyone know if your Mapcrafter config files are available or not. Seeing both maps and Mapcrafter configs can help new Mapcrafter users get started.

Minecraft 1.16 Maps

Minecraft 1.15 Maps

  • Map of Confusion, a semi-private, vanilla server with markers by Dinip. Updates every hour. Views available: isometric day/night and topdown. Total render is ~90gb. Uses custom docker build for 1.15 (thanks to miclav for updating mapcrafter to 1.15) with some features added. Available here (docker pull dinip/mapcrafter:world115).

Minecraft 1.14 Maps

  • Map of Hermicraft Season 6, static render of Hermitcraft Season 6 map, with markers (that are being added overtime with help from r/HermitCraft users). Views available: isometric day/night and topdown. Render by Dinip.

  • Map of PhoenixCraft, a small private server by @25A0 and friends. The map features clickable markers, a fullscreen button, compact marker controls, and other customisations. This crude patch was used to make Mapcrafter work with 1.14 snapshots.

  •, a semi-private server with a big map by seeseekey with markers and teleporter markers. Multiple views (isometric / top-down) and different dimensions (overworld, nether, end) with day, night and cave rendering and texture size 16 for more details.

  • Serveur de Maître Beulette, a small server managed by Patator_ and @beulette, totally vanilla in survival mode.

Minecraft 1.13 Maps

  • Worlds hosted by @ligos, where I play Minecraft with my kids. Updates every week or two. Config files available.
  • Murray's Mapcrafter test world. Used for screenshots throughout Mapcrafter documentation. Config files available.
  • Miners united. Map by @shelterx and friends. A map that's been around since early 2011. Upgraded twice, once from mcr to anvil format, then to the new to 1.13 format.
  • Library World My family's very large and very long running creative server with isometric, top-down, and cave views. Texture size is 12 and tile width is 5.

Pre-1.13 Maps

Maps with Errors

  • 403 Error ExMaple:
  • 503 Error, a small private server by gr4y with markers and player markers. mapcrafter renders all four orientations with default resource pack and gets regenerated every 30 minutes via cronjob.
  • No Response, private server running vanilla Minecraft 1.8.7 & mapcrafter 1.5.4. Map is updated daily.
  • Redirects to DNS Holding Page Minecraft AWESOME!, with a fairly large map
  • Empty Response Seecraft, a small private server running whatever's new and cool. Map renders every six hours. Includes player markers with skin icons.