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MAPS.ME is an open source cross-platform offline maps application, built on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data. It was publicly released for iOS and Android.


This repository contains submodules. Clone it with git clone --recursive. If you forgot, run git submodule update --init --recursive.


If you want to improve app translations or add more search synonyms, please check our wiki.


To compile the project, you would need to initialize private key files. Run configure.sh and press Enter to create empty files, good enough to build desktop and Android debug packages.

For detailed installation instructions and Android/iOS building process, see INSTALL.md.

Nightly builds for Android are published to osmz.ru and Dropbox: release, debug.

Building maps

To create one or many map files, first build the project, then use generate_mwm.sh script from tools/unix to create a single mwm file from pbf/o5m/bz2 source, or generate_planet.sh to generate multiple countries at once from a planet o5m file. See detailed instructions in MAPS.md.

Map styles

MAPS.ME uses its own binary format for map styles, drules_proto.bin, which is compiled from MapCSS using modified Kothic library. Feature set in MWM files depends on a compiled style, so make sure to rebuild maps after releasing a style.

For development, use MAPS.ME Designer app along with its generator tool: these allow for quick rebuilding of a style and symbols, and for producing a zoom-independent feature set in MWM files.

See STYLES.md for the format description, instructions on building a style and some links.


You would need Qt 5 for development, most other libraries are included into the repository: see 3party directory. The team uses mostly XCode and Qt Creator, though these are not mandatory. We have an established coding style.

See CONTRIBUTING.md for the repository initialization process, the description of all the directories of this repository and other development-related information.

All contributors must sign a Contributor Agreement, so both our and their rights are protected.


Please report bugs and suggestions to the issue tracker, or by mail to bugs@maps.me.

Authors and License

This source code is Copyright (C) 2015 My.com B.V. (Mail.Ru Group), published under Apache Public License 2.0, except third-party libraries. See NOTICE and data/copyright.html files for more information.