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Krona allows hierarchical data to be explored with zooming, multi-layered pie charts. Krona charts can be created using an Excel template or KronaTools, which includes support for several bioinformatics tools and raw data formats. The interactive charts are self-contained and can be viewed with any modern web browser (see Browser support).




Tools that use Krona

  • PhyloSift - phylogeny-driven metagenomic classification and comparision
  • metAMOS - metagenomic assembly and classification pipeline
  • MGTAXA - metagenomic classification server
  • Metavir - viral metagenomic annotation server
  • PhymmBL - metagenomic classification
  • MG-RAST - metagenomics analysis server
  • BacDive - bacterial isolation source search
  • Prophane - metaproteomics analysis pipeline


  • Animation
    • Krona uses HTML5 to create animated transitions when zooming in and out.
  • Portability
    • Krona charts are explored with web browsers, so no installation is necessary to view them.
    • Since Krona charts use HTML5, they will work without plugins using any modern browser and on any operating system.
    • Each Krona chart is contained in a single file, making them easy to share.
  • Flexibility
    • Krona can create charts from XML, and charts can contain custom HTML with links to other pages. This allows straightforward integration with custom applications.
    • The use of web technologies makes it easy to include Krona charts in existing web pages.
    • Krona can render SVG snapshots for printing or publication.