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Healthcare Savings Estimator

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The project is a collaborative effort between myself, the volunteers of the Progressive Coders Network, and the Whole Washington Organization (now Yes On 1600).

Our goal was to design a self-contained app that could be embedded in any website to help users (in our case, voters) compare their current healthcare costs against future costs under a new ballot initiative proposing healthcare reform.

The user is walked through a series of questions and form fields to enter data. They can track their current position in the list of questions via a progress bar, and recieve a calculation of their results at the end.

It's my hope that this project can be adapted for use by other campaigns with a need for an embeddable survey tool that renders out immediate feedback based on data provided. While the questions used here are unique to our group mission with some tweaking they can be swapped out and replaced with custom logic.

Technical Info

This app was built entirely in ReactJS and now uses Redux for local state management.

Deployed @

Yes on 1600 - Savings Estimator

Press Release

The Savings Estimator: How the Progressive Coders Network Revolutionized a Campaign for Universal Healthcare

Yes on 1600 Savings Estimator

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Yes on 1600 / Whole Washington / Health Insurance Calculator



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