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Speedometer – How Fast Am I?

What is this?

Summarized, "Speedometer – How Fast Am I?" is a small app that shows your current speed in different units of speed (mph, km/h, mi/s and kn). Additionally, your current position on the globe is displayed by using the geographic coordinate system.

It is a really small app which serves this one purpose: Showing your current speed (and your current position) without disturbing banner ads and free of charge.

Why did you do this?

I started iOS development in summer of 2017.

This app was intended as a small "playground" project to go through the whole lifecyle of an app: build, release, run, repeat. App Store Connect was new to me and I just wanted to gain experiences with an example project.

Then I reached a point when I thought that I should release this app, just for fun. There were not that much plain simple (and cost-free) speedometer apps available, so now there is one.

Where do I find the app?

Download the app for free on the App Store. It is localized in English and German, the latter is my native language.

How can I contribute?

Please feel free to create pull requests on this repository. Please be aware that the develop branch is not considered stable, so start your own modifications (if you want) from the master branch (or a tag).


Just a simple, ad-free speedometer...




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