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fixed typo'd variable name and some cf syntax errors #27

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Egads. Thanks Adam.

You're welcome. It was, like, 10 hours of work.

@marcesher marcesher merged commit 846b320 into marcesher:develop
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@@ -46,13 +46,13 @@ my_struct );
result = col.query().startsWith('name','Orc').find(limit=20);
-writeOutput("Found #results.size()# of #results.totalCount()# Orcs");
+writeOutput("Found #result.size()# of #result.totalCount()# Orcs");
//use the native mongo cursor. it is case sensitive!
cursor = result.asCursor();
while( cursor.hasNext() ){
thisOrc =;
- writeOutput(" name = #thisOrc['name'] <br>");
+ writeOutput(" name = #thisOrc['name']# <br>");
//use a ColdFusion array of structs. this is not case sensitive
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