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Simple and flexible dependency injection container for dart.
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Mentioned in Awesome Dart CircleCI pub package

This is a simple and flexible dependency injection container for dart.

If you are using Flutter consider the dependencies_flutter package.


  • Immutability: The injector is created via a builder so it won't be modified after being created.
  • Modules: Separate dependencies into logical pars. Useful to separate by environments.
  • Singletons: Bind singletons and lazy singletons.
  • Factories: Bind factories.
  • Named dependencies: Give your dependencies custom names.
  • Extra arguments: Pass arguments to your factory methods.
  • Works with Flutter: Since it doesn't use reflexion it works with Flutter.


Set up

Optionally create a module.

class PlayerModule implements Module {
  void configure(Binder binder) {
      ..bindSingleton("playerkey", name: "api_key")
      ..bindFactory((injector, params) => Player(params["playerId"]))
      ..bindLazySingleton((injector, params) => Rest(injector));

Create a builder and use it to instantiate an injector.

final builder = Injector.builder()
    ..bind(instance: "abc123", isSingleton: true, name: "api_key")
    ..bindSingleton("abc123", name: "api_key_2")
    ..bindFactory((injector, params) => User(params["userId"]))
    ..bindLazySingleton((injector, params) => RestController(params["path"]))

final injector =;


Get instances from the container.

final Player player = injector.get(params: {"playerId":1});
final Rest rest = injector.get();
final String apiKey = injector.get(name: "api_key");

Optionally you can manage injectors with the registry. Feel free to create your own or use the singleton.


Injectors can be fetched from the registry.

final injector = InjectorRegistry.instance.get();
final namedInjector = InjectorRegistry.instance.get(name: "named_injector");
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