This is the code for the Pointfree Pokemon Kata with #ramdajs (first used at #socrates16)
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Use this Kata as an exercise for the Pointfree-Programming style in JavaScript. You will need a Functional Programming library to perform this kind of programming style in JS. Imho Ramda ( is currently the best option.


Included in the Repository is the Jasmine-Testing Framework ( and the functional programming library Ramda.

How to use the Kata

Just open the SpecRunner.html in a browser. It runs the unit tests/specs. Your goals are to

  1. fix the spec "Pokemon-Kata should find the nearest distance to a Pokemon of type 'Normal'"
  2. write the body of the pending spec "Pokemon-Kata should find the name of the nearest Pokemon of type 'Normal'" and provide a working implementation

You can use the prepared functions "x", "y", "square" and "distance".


These are various things you could try out to spice up the kata.

  • Be 100% strict about using pointfree style: no function-keywords or =>-Operators at all.
  • Find a balanced approach to pointfree style, e.g. use traditional style functions or lambdas where it makes sense. Are there places where beeing a 100% strict would lead to unreadable code (aka pointless style :)) ?
  • Try to find different algorithms/approaches (especially for goal 2). What data needs to travel through which parts of the pipeline?
  • Come up with your own alternative implementation of the distance-function.
  • Use transducers for lazy evaluation.


  • the Pointfree Pokemon Kata was first used for the #ramdajs session @ #socrates16
  • You don't need to touch the specs for distance and square. They are just here for information/completeness purposes.
  • the implementation of the prepared function "distance" might give you an idea for a solution - or it might limit your solution space. In the latter case it might be best to not look at the implementation of distance at all :)
  • a good way to share (or maybe discuss) your solution is to fork the kata-repo on GitHub. No pull requests with solutions please :)

Reads/Talks on Pointfree Programming