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This is the new version of dirb in python
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Dirbpy - URL Bruteforcer

This is a new version of dirb but in python. This version is faster than the normal version in C because it uses thread. Dirbpy is a Web Content Scanner. It looks for hidden Web Objects. It basically works by launching an attack based on a dictionary against a web server and analyzing the response.

Link to the original dirb:

Install with pip

pip install dirbpy

Fish completions

git clone

cd dirbpy

sudo cp /usr/share/fish/completions

Dirbpy with Docker

Pull the Docker

docker pull marcolivierbouch/dirbpy

After you need to get inside the docker

docker run -it marcolivierbouch/dirbpy

Command example

dirbpy -o -u https://[....].com


I recommend using the SecLists:

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