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Before, if an error occurred during the authorization stage, the user would just keep on visiting the oauth2 provider in an endless loop. With this patch, at least in blocking mode, get_token will return ($token, $err, $state) and the user won't enter an endless loop. The programmer can now easily check $err.

If it didn't break backwards compatibility, I would have implemented something similar for the non-blocking mode.


I made $err to be a hashref, so that it can be expanded in the future with extra fields if needed without breaking backwards compatibility.


This fix can turn this complex-looking blocking route handler:

my $token = eval { $self->get_token('facebook', on_refuse => sub { die \'refused'; }); };
if (my $e = $@) {
    if (ref $e eq 'SCALAR' and $$e eq 'refused') {
        return $self->render(text => 'refused');
    } else {
        die $e;
if ($token) {
    # ...

...into this:

my ($token, $err) = $self->get_token('facebook');
if ($err and $err->{error} eq 'access_denied') {
    return $self->render(text => 'refused');
if ($token) {
    # ...

Of course needs documentation and tests. Will do these if you tell me you want this pull request.


Pinging for attention from Marcus.


Ok, been going a bit back and forth on this one, but I think it's an improvement, so I'll accept it if you provide tests and documentation.


Will do the tests & documentation for this pull request, in a few days.


This is fixed in master.

See these commits:

@jhthorsen jhthorsen closed this Mar 1, 2015
@jhthorsen jhthorsen added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 1, 2015
@jhthorsen jhthorsen Released version 1.4
    - Fix handling of error in param, #27
    - Add new helper oauth2->auth_url
    - Add new helper oauth2->get_token
    - Add new helper oauth2->providers
    - Add eventbrite and github as providers
    - Deprecate on_xxx handlers
    - Started deprecation process for get_authorize_url() and get_token();
@akarelas akarelas deleted the unknown repository branch Jan 15, 2016
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