Compound checkers

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These checkers are available beginning with Midje 1.4.

If you want to make more than one check per checker, use one of the two compound checkers. The first, every-checker, passes only if all of its constituent checkers pass:

  4 => (every-checker odd? (roughly 3)))

That fact will fail like this:

FAIL at (t_combining.clj:103)
Actual result did not agree with the checking function.
        Actual result: 4
    Checking function: (every-checker odd? (roughly 3))
    During checking, these intermediate values were seen:
       odd? => false

Notice that every-checker prints which of the checkers failed. every-checker stops checking after the first checker fails.

The second function, some-checker, fails only if all of its constituent checkers fail. If any succeeds, some-checker stops checking and succeeds itself.

  4 => (some-checker odd? (roughly 3)))