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Private functions

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Executable examples

One Clojure idiom for reaching functions that have been declared private is to call them via their var, rather than via an interned symbol:

    (scratch.core/super-secret-function 5)   ; doesn't work
    (#'scratch.core/super-secret-function 5) ; works

That works fine inside checkables:

      (#'scratch.core/super-secret-function 1) => 6)


Calling private functions through vars looks ugly, so there's a utility function to make them available in the test namespace:

(use '[midje.util :only [testable-privates]])

(testable-privates scratch.core super-secret-function)

(fact (super-secret-function 4) => 4)

Notice that testable-privates isn't part of Midje's default interface.


Consider that tests—while being clients of the code under test—are a special kind of client, one that can more reasonably be expected to have some (if not total) knowledge of a namespace's internals. We can formalize that distinction by declaring that an otherwise-private function should be available to tests. That's done with metadata:

(defn- ^{:testable true}
  not-so-secret-function [n] ...)

Then, within the test namespace, all such "testables" can be interned:

(use '[midje.util :only [expose-testables]])

(expose-testables scratch.core2)

(fact (not-so-secret-function 4) => 4)
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