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This Repo is No Longer the WWW source code.

Please open PRs and file issues here https://github.com/marionettejs/marionettejs.com


This website is built using Middleman (http://middlemanapp.com), Sass, Compass and a few node modules. All the dependencies are automatically installed with the help of Bundler (http://bundler.io/) and npm.

If you don't have bundler installed, first do:

 $ gem install bundler

Then, do the following to install dependencies:

 $ bundle
 $ npm install

Updating the site

Make your changes to the site in the source/ folder.

rake build
cd build
rackup config.ru -p 2000

Preview your changes in browser by pointing to http://localhost:2000

Deploying a new version of the marionettejs site.

There is a little bash script that collects and compresses all the files and adds the new version number on the site.

$ ./build-marionette v2.0.1
rake deploy