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JOSM EasyPresets Plugin

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EasyPresets plugin helps you create and use custom presets. You can easily create presets according to selected objects. Some functionalities will be added to "Preset" menu.

Your custom presets can be exported to local XML files.

Preset editor

Create Presets

  • Select nodes or ways and click "Presets > Create Preset" menu. It shows a dialog containing tags extracted from the selection.
  • If you want to exclude some of listed tags, please uncheck "Use" checkboxes.
  • This plugin supports three types of tags.
    • "Fixed value": Fixed key-value pair will be automatically applied. Fields of this type won't be shown explicitly on a preset dialog.
    • "Textbox" : Field to edit arbitrary text.
    • "Selection" : Pull-down menu with multiple options. You can edit set of values.
      Editing options
    • "Multiselect" : List of values to select single or multiple options.
    • "Checkbox" : A checkbox to input "yes" or "no".
  • You can select target types such as nodes, ways and multipolygons.
  • Icons are customizable. Click "Select icon..." button.
    Icon picker dialog

Use Presets

  • You can use custom preset in the same manner as normal presets.
  • Your custom presets can be found in "Presets > Custom Presets" menu in the toolbar.
  • Custom presets can also be found by "Search presets" (F3) dialog.

Manage Presets

  • You can edit, delete and export data by "Presets > Manage custom presets" menu.
  • Exported XML files are compatible with JOSM preset files. If you want to share your cool presets with other users, please refer to official document because only a few tags and attributes are included.

Presets manager


  • This plugin stores the data to "EasyPresets.xml" in your JOSM user directory.
  • It is now under development and has only basic functionalities. I am planning to implement more functionalities such as grouping, sorting and support of various preset types.


  • Grouping feature
  • Expert features for presets developers


Maripo GODA