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Insights is a tool to visually explore a PostgreSQL database, with an emphasis on generating graphs that show business performance over time.

Think of Google Data Studio or Google Looker, but totally free, self-hosted and without the "Google" part.

See a live demo for Widgets Inc, a fictional e-commerce site.

Insights Explorer

Important Disclaimer and Security Notice!

Please be aware that is an extremely early BETA release of Insights, which has not gone through any kind of security audit.

Use on a live server at your own risk!


To install, make sure you have Node 10+ installed and then run:

npm install -g insights
insights init
insights start

This creates a folder .insights which contains all the config and runtime data.

Implemented Features

  • Self Hosted, installed via NPM
  • PostgreSQL connection support
  • Auto-detect your database schema, including all foreign keys!
  • Connect to multiple databases
  • Edit the schema and add custom SQL fields right there in the interface!
  • Create subsets of your data (e.g. share only a few fields with marketing)
  • Data explorer
  • Filters on the data
  • Time-based graphs
  • Split the graph by some column (e.g. new users by country name)
  • Keyboard navigation in the sidebar
  • Saved views
  • Pinned fields

Coming Soon

  • Embed React or <iframe> components and get data through the insights API
  • Decent mobile support
  • Log in with your Google Account
  • Manage users in the interface
  • Access control for subsets
  • PDF and XLSX exports
  • Way more and better graphs
  • View generated SQL
  • Dashboards
  • Multiple lines from different sources on one chart in the dashboard
  • Plugins?


Insights is MIT-licensed Sponsorware. If you use it in your business, please contribute towards its development!

To stay in touch and receive news when we release a significant update, please sign up here.

You can also follow me on Twitter to receive the latest updates.


If you want to help with development, run these steps:

# 1. fork the repo in github

# 2. clone it
git clone<YOUR_NAME_HERE>/insights.git

# 3. install all dependencies
cd insights

# 4. start the app
yarn run init
yarn start

# 5. open http://localhost:3000/ and hack away