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Universal Crypto Wallet System for deploying many crypto wallets on a Ubuntu 16.04+ distro see for tutorials
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Universal Crypto Wallet System for deploying many crypto wallets on a Ubuntu 16.04+ distro see for tutorials


The Universal Crypto Wallet System is methodology intended to be executed on a Ubuntu 64bit based distribution. It has been tested against Linux Mint XFCE Serena 18.2/18.1 based on Ubuntu 16.04 It allows you select from a variety of cyrptocurrency wallets you may like to install.

Cryptocurrencies currently supported :

  • ARK
  • Byteball
  • Dash
  • Electrum-Bitcoin-Coin-Cash
  • Electrum-Bitcoin-Core
  • Electrum-LTC
  • Electrum-Stratis
  • Monero-GUI
  • MyEtherWallet-MEW
  • Neon

First screen on UCW Main Menu on UCW

If you do not have a Linux Ubuntu 64bit based distribution on a PC I have a tutorial guide at:

Assuming you have then proceed to go into a terminal window.

You can do that from the menu or often do CTRL-ALT-T as key combinations

You have a black box with a prompt like this:


To make sure that you are in the right part of the file system of your newly created ubuntu installation type: cd ~

The "~" or tilda symbol is often shifted "#" just to the left of the ENTER/RETURN key, it takes you to your "home" directory. So your home directory structure could look like this.

/home/bob /home/bob/Desktop /home/bob/Documents /home/bob/Downloads /home/bob/Pictures /home/bob/Video


$ cd ~

FOLLOWED BY ENTER/RETURN - is a shortcut to immediately end up in your home directory. If your name with bob, typing cd ~ saves bob from typing

cd /home/bob

OK onwards with the installation of the script Then copy and past the following:

$ sudo apt-get install git
$ git clone
$ cd universal-crypto-wallet-system

You can often short cut to this directory by just typing at the prompt

cd uni 

Then the TAB key

If there are no other directories starting with uni, the terminal will pre-fill the rest of the directory name for you:

cd universal-crypto-wallet-system

Press return and then type

chmod +x

Then the TAB key and the will autocomplete with "./" infront

$ ./


At the end your crypto wallets are installed in a directory called ~/ucw And basic documentation of where to execute them from in ~/ucw/docs

cd ~/ucw

To see the "brief" notes after installation choices look in the "docs" directory for each crypto you have installed.

To update your crypto wallets you can run the script again:

$ cd ~/universal-crypto-wallet-system
$ ./

And please go to for the full documentation.

If you get really stuck PM me @l0ts0fl00t @ - the friendliest forum for cryptocurrency n00bies IMHO

Donations in ETH accepted here:


All the best,

Mark Cross, M1BXD, UK

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