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Prototype for the RSK "Github Issues" example app
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Redux Starter Kit Example - Github Issues

This project serves two purposes:

  • It's a chance for me to experiment with several things I haven't used before (React hooks, TypeScript, Emotion, React-Redux hooks)
  • I can hopefully turn it into the baseline for an Redux Starter Kit tutorial

Most of the code is coming from Dave Ceddia's Github Issues Viewer example app repo. I owe him credit for doing all the real hard work on this (API calls, components and structure, styles, etc). I'm mostly copy-pasting his code into this app and tweaking it until it works the way I want :)

I'm starting off by building this out as just a React app. From there, I'll convert it to Redux using RSK.

Once the RSK functionality is done, I'll try to re-create that process as a tutorial.

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