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The Online Student Profile or OSP, is an early warning system designed to improve retention rates among high-risk 
students in higher education institutions. It was developed by Central Peidmont Community College. as part of a 
NGLC grant. The OSP is currently being used at 7 community colleges around the nation. You can read more about 
about it in this Chronicle of Higher Education. article. The OSP is Open Source Software.

For more info go to

Online Student Profile includes many different features for students, instructors, and counselors, including:


    * Complete Personality Type and Learning Style assessments
    * Complete surveys
    * View Personality Type and Learning Style assessment results
    * View survey results
    * View current enrollments

Instructors and Counselors

    * View a student's current enrollments
    * View a student's Personality Type and Learning Style assessment results
    * View a student's survey results
    * Log visits with a student
    * View a student's previous visits with instructors and counselors
    * View full rosters for all courses taught in the current term (instructors only)
    * Quickly and easily submit interventions on a student's behalf (instructors only)
    * Quickly and easily contact students via email (instructors only)