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Xcode plugin that simplifies adding #import-s.


Xcode plugins are no longer supported since Xcode 8. If you're looking for an Xcode App Extension, check out


Installation Guide


  • install Alcatraz and search for Peckham

Manual Labour

  • clone the repository or download .zip
  • open Peckham.xcodeproj
  • build Peckham target
  • restart Xcode

User guide

  • ⌘ + ctrl + P to invoke the popup
  • start typing or paste the keyword of your import
  • use or keys to navigate
  • press or double click to add an import


  • fuzzy search => type mvc to find a ModelViewController
  • copy paste => ⌘ + C the class name and then ⌘ + V after opening Peckham


Originally the plugin was supposed to handle adding / removing imports on the fly, which soon proved to be a more difficult task than I originally imagined, and took me on an exploration path of Clang libtooling and other cool stuff. I recently decided that I would instead make a GUI popup for adding an #import which seems to be a better approach to the problem in the first place. The code base contains a lot of parts that were originally meant to parse the code and make a tree (similar to Clang's AST) to find the #import statements in text. Due to performance reasons, this was dumped in favor of regex-es.


There are several things that are to be added to the project

  • faster algorithm to find the header files associated with a certain target
  • adding frameworks to the selected target build phases as soon as you add an #import in your file
  • @import support

Known Issues

  • the search includes the whole path of the header
  • the table cell highlights the wrong piece of string
  • user headers are not really handled properly
  • there is an issue with header duplication (especially visible with CocoaPods)


  • check issues section
  • branch from develop and PR to develop
  • use gitflow for creating a feature branch