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export a Tumblr tumblelog to disk from the command line
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tumblrout is a command line tool for exporting a Tumblr blog to local files.


Install its dependencies from the requirements.txt file:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Then you can install it as any other Python program:

$ python install

If you don't want to install its dependencies system-wide, try installing it in a virtual environment.


First, you'll need a Tumblr API key. Register an application on the Applications page of to get a key. Once you have a key, run the configure command:

$ tumblrout configure
OAuth Consumer Key: 68-A
Secret Key: f73D85A83def7BC29580FEB9f087A69Bc6bfacd1DDDBEBfb2bAF52c1

OAuth Verifier: 13b24c7D485A9C4e99F1B4b163ddAE6eE4b9917e

After entering your secret key, the authorization page should open in your web browser. After approving your app, copy the oauth_verifier from the URL of the resulting page and paste it at the OAuth Verifier: prompt.


See tumblrout --help for supported commands.

$ tumblrout -v verify
INFO: Set log level to INFO
INFO: Verified!

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