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In A Rush!

This plugin extends the keyboard shortcuts in ArchivesSpace to help you get around the application quickly.

If you're a die-hard keyboard user, injured your arm in a jousting accident, or have a broad-spectrum fear of rodents and the things named after them, this may be the plugin for you.

Features include:

  • Interactive help. Press ? anywhere in the application to see the list of available keyboard shortcuts.

  • Many keyboard shortcuts, including:

    • Navigation: jump to search, move between search results, open/close dropdown menus.

    • Jump straight to create and browse by record type: resources, accessions, subjects, agents, digtial objects and top containers.

    • Faster record editing: add the major subrecord types with a single keystroke, save the current record, close the current record.

  • 110% organic, non-GMO and free of dairy, soy and animal byproducts.


Clone this repo into your plugins directory, calling it in_a_rush. Then add an entry to your ArchivesSpace config plugins array:

 AppConfig[:plugins] = [ <other plugins ...>, 'in_a_rush']


Thanks be to @rockivist for providing the name, inspiration and design of this plugin. Keyboard enthusiasts: unite!

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