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Themes are defined in terms of Lua files, you might want to checkout the included default themes for a set of available styles.

Use the :set theme <name> command to change the theme.

Style Syntax

The used style syntax was inherited from Scintilla, but only the following subset of its attributes (see "Styles and Styling" section) are supported:

  • fore: $color and back: $color fore and background color respectively.

    Can refer to a fixed set of colors (black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white), the terminal default color or a 24bit color specified in hex #RRGGBB which depending on terminal capabilities will be approximated by the closest color from the 256 color palette.

  • reverse

  • [not]bold

  • [not]italics

  • [not]underlined

  • [not]blink

Community Themes

A list of community provided color themes. Feel free to reference your own!