The classic Repton 3 game for the KDE desktop
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README file for KRepton

KRepton is an implementation of the classic Repton 3 game, which was originally produced for the BBC Micro and was the third successful Repton game for Superior Software. KRepton brings the original game to the KDE desktop, and can be used on any of its supported platforms.

This is an update of the version 3.0 applications, most notably to combine the game player and editor into a single application. See the ChangeLog file for more detailed history information, and the TODO file for possible future development and ideas.

There is an import wizard to allow Repton levels and graphics in other formats to be played. Currently the only import format supported is BBC Repton 3; any information or code for decoding other file formats would be most welcome!

The source download (with the episode/sound files) is available from GitHub at:

More information and documentation is available from the home page:

To build and install the application, you will need Qt 4 and CMake installed on your system. See the INSTALL file included here for building and installation instructions.

If you have fond memories of the original Repton games then you won't need to be told any more; download and play the game now! If you don't know anything about them but would like to find out more then see the KRepton home page and try the links there.

Have fun...