Minecraft: Pi Edition API Python Library
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Minecraft: Pi edition API Python Library

mcpi Python library for communicating with Minecraft: Pi edition and RaspberryJuice.



pip3 install mcpi

Linux / MacOS

sudo pip3 install mcpi


The Minecraft: Pi edition Python library was originally created by Mojang and released with Minecraft: Pi edition.

Initial supported was provided for Python 2 only, but during a sprint at PyconUK 2014 it was migrated to Python 3 and py3minepi was created.

The ability to hack Minecraft from Python was very popular and the RaspberryJuice plugin was created for Minecraft Java edition. RaspberryJuice also extended the API adding additional features.

This python library supports Python 2 & 3 and Minecraft: Pi edition and RaspberryJuice.

Documentation for the Minecraft: Pi edition and RaspberryJuice API's can be found at www.stuffaboutcode.com/p/minecraft-api-reference.html.

It was released onto PyPI in May 2018.

If you want some cool additional tools for modifying Minecraft, check out minecraft-stuff.


This library is a collection of the following sources: