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@psibre psibre released this Jan 23, 2015 · 907 commits to master since this release

A milestone release that stabilizes changes in build and hosting infrastructure and fixes several issues.

New Features

Language updates

  • Telugu and Turkish: two voices were added which had not been rebuilt since v4.0.0.
  • added TOKENS example text for Italian, Turkish, British English, Telugu, and Russian.
  • Voice components are sorted by locale and name in download/marytts-components.xml.

Documentation updates

  • Added to the documentation section on the mary site is a page on MaryTTS's history.
  • Also added a point on MP3 support to the FAQ.
  • Minor tweaks to navigation menu, earlier version release notes, download links, etc.

Development news

New Infrastructure:

  • Continuous Integration is now provided by Travis CI.
  • The web server running at has been replaced with a new machine, which hosts the latest stable website content and runs the latest stable build as an online demo.
  • The latest release artifacts are hosted at Bintray and indexed in jCenter.
  • The latest development (SNAPSHOT) artifacts are hosted at OJO.
  • A website built from the latest development (SNAPSHOT) version is hosted at

Build environment:

  • All supported languages have been moved into a container module marytts-languages.
  • Several maven plugins were updated to the latest versions.
  • Building MaryTTS now requires Maven 3.0.2 or later.

Fixed Issues/Bugs

  • added missing voice resources that had been present in v5.0 before hosting had switched servers, as well as fixing some missing license files.
  • #207: Deploying to Bintray/jCenter required changing the groupId from marytts to de.dfki.mary.
  • #206: LTSTrainerTest would fail if UTF-8 encoding was not specified
  • #204: A locale set to null no longer breaks the Mary server
  • #202: WikipediaMarkupCleanerTest failed if workspace contains space
  • #185: EnviromentTest no longer fails with Java 8
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