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New in 2011.01 release
+ a roadmap
New in 2010.12 release
+ non-immediate blocks
+ calling blocks and variables
+ various binding improvements
New in 2010.11 release
+ Tardis compatibility
New in 2010.09 release
+ unless statements
+ until loops
+ 'our' declarations
New in 2010.08 release
+ better lexicals model
New in 2010.07 release
+ if and if/else statements
+ while loops
+ prefix decrement
New in 2010.06 release
+ a logotype!
New in 2010.05 release
+ immediate blocks (big new feature of this release)
+ parameterized output (and compile warnings) for debugging
+ prefix increment
+ added a --target=sic to the yapsi script
+ internal refactorings to allow for hooking in TARDIS
New in 2010.04 release
+ 'my' declarations
+ assignment
+ binding
+ a simple 'say' function
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