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🔮💀🔮 open-source lossless audio player
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Open-Source Lossless Audio Player


v2.0 Breaking Changes:

  • Swap to native HTML5 audio players (FLAC, MP4, MP3, OGG, WAV supported!)
  • Seeking (finally!)
  • TouchBar support for Macbook Pro!
  • An actual DMG install file for Mac (wow!)
  • Removal of FFPLAY and FFMEG (this should make it easier to build for all OS!)
  • Removal of metadata editor (may come back!)
  • Minor style tweeks

Download for Mac

Watch demo video on YouTube

Getting Started:


  • Download and open Destroyer.
  • Drop your music collection onto Destroyer.
  • Destroyer will recursively scan your collection and build library based on metadata.

Note: Destroyer is dependant on metadata — it can process Vorbis comments as well as ID3 (1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4) tags. Please ensure your collection is properly formatted.

On Artwork:

  • Destroyer works best when all the tracks for an album are in one flat directory.
  • Destroyer will look for a file named cover.jpg in the album's directory, if cover.jpg not found, it will fallback to any jpg or png in directory.

On Search:


  • Type anywhere in the library view to filter your collection.
  • esc will clear your filter.

Deving and Building

Command Purpose
yarn build Compile JS /bundle.
yarn build:watch Build project and watch for changes.
yarn start Start Destroyer.
yarn pack:osx Build for Mac.
yarn pack:win Build for Windows.
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