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Slightly refactor & add tests for API config loading & redis setup #151

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I really like I/O Docs, but the PRs I've submitted recently have been made a bit more nail-biting than necessary by the lack of tests. This PR adds some tests for a couple of (relatively trivial) areas of the code, and pulls those bits of code out into their own file.

This is obviously just a small start on a something bigger, but a) there's no reason it all needs to be done at once, and b) I wanted to check you're happy with this as a general approach.

I'd quite like to pull a few more bits out of app.js into their own testable modules (and put a few tests around some of them), and perhaps get some integration tests up and running (perhaps using supertest?) - would you be interested in more PRs along those lines?


phairow commented Oct 9, 2014

this looks great although the json loader seems unnecessary. our team has been using chai so unless there is a strong community preference, we should make that change. I'd be happy to merge as is and make those changes. what do you think @rowanhill?


Hi, thanks for resurrecting this PR! Chai sounds absolutely fine to me, if you're happy to make the switch.

phairow commented Oct 13, 2014

excellent, I'll make the necessary changes and get this merged.

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