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ScalaJS Skeleton App

This is a Giter8 skeleton for ScalaJS. It can be launched with Electron or served with Express out-of-the-box. And launch configurations are pre-created for the Visual Studio Code editor. But, use of it is not required.

Getting Started

Download an install the following applications:

Next, run SBT on the command line to initialize a new sekeleton.

$ sbt new massung/scala-js-skeleton.g8 [-b webpack]

NOTE: If you'd like a skeleton that makes use of the ScalaJSBundler plugin and Webpack, then use the -b webpack branch of the repository.

Once the skeleton has been created, cd into it and install all the NodeJS dependencies with Yarn (or npm).

$ yarn install

Next, launch SBT and build the source for the skeleton.

sbt> fastOptJS

Note: if you are using the webpack branch, run fastOptJS::webpack instead.

At this point, you application's compiled .js file has been built and resides in the web/js folder along with a file and any other bundled, javascript dependencies.

To run your app, there are a few options:

If you are using VSCode, there are already launch configurations created for each: Run/Debug (Electron) and Serve (Express).

Otherwise, you can manually run/debug via the command line:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/electron main.js [debug]

If you pass the debug argument on the command line, then the webkit debugger will be opened as well. From there, you should have access to your Scala code, as a map file was generated for it.

Or start the Express server:

$ node server.js [port=8080]

That's it!


Here is a high-level breakdown of the skeleton source files:

  • project/ contains SBT plugins and settings
  • src/ contains all the ScalaJS app code
  • web/ contains all the static resources, and your app bundle
  • main.js is the Electron application code
  • server.js is the Express web server code

Everything in web/ will be exposed to your application at runtime. And the ScalaJS app will be compiled to JavaScript to web/js/ folder.