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Documentr is a documentation generator that is inspired by the Rails Guides. Basically, I've had the need for a long time to create documentation for various projects, and found there weren't really any good solutions out there. One day, while perusing the Rails Guides reading about Rails 3, it occurred to me that not only were they sexy, but they are laid out and organized quite well.

So, I grabbed a markdown parser and the Symfony YAML component, and whipped up Documentr. I'm currently working on getting an official site and documentation set up for it, but if you're super-anxious to see what it can do you can grab a copy of the repo, tweak the documentr file a bit to find the stuff in src, and then run it in the sample directory. You should get the gist of things. If not, sit tight, I'm gonna have official docs soon.


This program is inspired HEAVILY by the Rails Guides.

It's also made possible by the following two libraries:


This software is licensed under the MIT License, so have at it :)